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Importance of Languages in International Corporations

Have you ever wondered how important the knowledge of foreign languages in the recruitment to an international company is? How many languages do you need to speak to feel comfortable in your job? Is English enough to cooperate with everyone - both an associate and a customer? Find out from the employees of corporations that have their departments in Poland.

What is your name?

What is your current job?
Aneta: Sales manager
Hifsa: Software Engineer
Anna: Trainer

How many languages do you speak fluently? Why and how have you learnt them?

Aneta: Five. I am learning them each and every day. I was taking classes, learning at school and during studying, working abroad and took part in summer school. During my every day work I speak German and English.

Hifsa: I can speak three languages fluently. Punjabi, my native language. Urdu, national language of my country. English, I have been learning English since I started going to school.

Anna: I speak Polish, German, Spanish and English. I learnt them at school, at the university (studies abroad), living abroad or during international projects.

How important were foreign languages other than English in the recruitment to the company you are employed with?

Aneta: Crutial.Without fluency in German and English I could not make my job.

Hifsa: Not much.

Anna: My last company is based in Spain, so Spanish was important.

Have you ever encountered a problem with communicating in English with associates or clients? Have you used any other language then?

Aneta: Yes. I had to use German communicating with people from Spain, French with a customer in Morocco and Russian with a customer in Bulgaria.

Hifsa: Not in my current company. But in my previous company in Pakistan, we used to orally communicate in Urdu but all written communication used to be in English.

Anna: Depending on the situation - yes.

Does your company promote or encourage employees to learn foreign laguages? If so - how? If not - do you improve your lingual skills on your own?

Aneta: Yes, it is possible to have lessons. I read and listen to audiobooks in different languages, I discuss with people from different countries.

Hifsa: Yes, employees in my company can take foreign language courses that are 50% paid by company if your manager agrees - it is a business need.

Anna: Yes, we had English courses once a week.

If you were to recommend the most useful language other than English in your job, what language would it be and why?

Aneta: German because this is the language of automotive industry where I work, language of the biggest industry in Europe. German la also Sprache der Denker und Dichter :-)

Hifsa: Polish, very useful if you are working in our Polish offices. German because a large number of our employees work in Switzerland and knowing German can help to better communicate with them.

Anna: In my case Spanish.


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